The Techno-Witch and Magickal Machines

My number one episode of Bugs Rabbit is the one where Bugs transforms into a witch and says: “We ride vacuum cleaners now”.

The facts really confirm that the vacuum cleaner can be fill in techno for a brush to do a spell. For example, one method for disposing of negative energy in your home is sprinkle sage leaves or salt all around the floor and as you vacuum picture every one of the terrible vibrations being kissed up and taken out alongside the genuine soil. I suggest you do this after a dreadful individual has visited you or a grievous or disturbing occasion has occurred in your current circumstance. The former way is sprinkle salt all around your floor or some sort of business powder and clear the astral rubbish away with a brush and out. Gently sprinkling salt onto the floor and vacuuming your home in a counterclockwise heading during a disappearing moon is really smart. Consider it a sort of Techno-Banishing Spell.

Another cutting edge comfort, the normal family channel, can likewise be utilized for a banishing spell. Each time you flush out your sink, picture all terrible energy in your life going down the channel also. Picture your weights, inconveniences and vices whirling down the channel. There is a spell utilizing blueberries that is utilized for eliminating opponents and snags in your way. As you pulverize the blueberries in your grasp you should watch the blue juice whirling down the channel. A programmed removal unit can be utilized similarly utilizing different vegetables. For example, an exemplary spell to make barrenness is to take cucumbers or carrots and mulch them in your programmed removal unit. Potatoes, which are generally used to make poppets, (an unrefined type of voodoo doll) can be cut into the state of an individual or into an image of what you need eliminated from your life and squashed in the waste disposal the same way. You don’t need to invest a ton of energy cutting images out of potatoes and squandering entirely great food. By and large, at whatever point you mulch, crunch, obliterate, wash or toss something down a channel, imagine an issue in your life vanishing alongside the waste material.

The toaster oven is likewise a Techno-Witch’s dearest companion. With a blade daintily cut an image addressing what you might want to occur into a cut of bread or a frozen waffle – – a heart for adoration or how much cash you really want to get The toasting addresses the universe “getting used to the thought”. All cooking rehearses are a type of enchantment. At the point when the waffle or toast is prepared, slather it with spread, to smooth your direction and honey to ensure your desires “stick” to you. Jam, especially strawberry-rhubarb, is really great for an affection wish. Then, at that point, eat it to represent bringing the sorcery into your life.

The blender is a helpful Techno-Witch instrument for both assembling and banishing energy. The possibility of a blender is to blend and blend various components … so you can take different fixings (allude to the Wizardry in Food article on this site) to make love elixirs utilizing various fixings. For example mixing strawberries, which is an affection food, with vanilla frozen yogurt (likewise love) with a dash of cinnamon (speed) could present to you a fast sentiment. Carry cash to you by pounding spinach (cash bringing) with cream (addresses the smoothing of your way) to make a flourishing soup. In the event that you are irate, you can likewise involve the blender to pound components as depicted previously. A great deal of the viability of magick depends on your aim and your capacity to picture the result. In the past times, witches utilized mortar and pestles to crush mysterious components and delivery their quintessence into the quality. Nowadays you can utilize a blender, chopper or even an espresso processor.

The oven has forever been a witch’s dearest companion yet the microwave is a definitive device for the Techno-Witch. The microwave is perfect for creating sped up results. One thriving custom including the microwave is to cook a sack of microwave popcorn and keeping in mind that every bit pops, you try hollering out a wish or want. You can do this cooking popcorn also, yet I hear the microwave brings quicker results.

You can likewise utilize your TV or radio to rehearse the antiquated specialty of bibliomancy and scrying. Just as opposed to utilizing a book, you are utilizing sounds… I surmise I would call this Tvomancy or Radiomancy. Essentially you pose an inquiry and afterward haphazardly flip the radio and pay attention to what discourse comes out first. You can do this as well, utilizing the TV remote… pose the inquiry and the principal picture or discourse that strikes a chord contains your response. This is a type of Techno-Fortune Telling.

Next article I will let you know how to be a Techno Witch utilizing capabilities on your PC